IMG_9258The first question on your mind is probably “where did you come up with ‘No More Sad Little Green Beans?’” Let me explain…Have you ever been on your social media pages and someone posted a picture with a caption along the lines, “look what I made my honey tonight!” or “eating good tonight!” and it’s a picture of a paper plate with unimaginative meat and sad little canned green beans? I am not saying this to make fun of said green bean maker but instead, WE CAN DO BETTER! I also want to add a disclaimer….there is nothing the matter with canned green beans, in fact it is really easy to jazz them up a little and make a delicious side dish or main course!

If you have the desire and want to cook, you can, and you can do it well! This blog will help you along the way and also give tips and tricks I have learned on my own journey. I am by no means an expert or master chef I cook because I love to. To all of you master chefs out there if you are reading this and read my entries you may say…”NO! That’s all wrong!” I will never claim to know the proper way to do things. I cook like an everyday home kitchen cook and my recipes will be geared towards that way of life. I will use spices and ingredients you can get at a local grocery store. I cook with what is accessible to me and I assume you want to do the same! We live busy lives there is no need to make what should be a joy a headache. What’s my big secret?? Cook how you like things to taste. That may sound silly but its true, if you like things extra spicy put more heat in! If you like rare meat, then let me teach you how to not over cook it. If you like well done (I do not recommend by the way!) then cook it longer. The most important thing is, it takes practice, you may not nail a recipe the first time you make it but maybe after a few more times you will love it.


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