Homemade Egg Noodles

One of my favorite things to make is noodles, whether they go in chicken and noodles, soup orIMG_3451 pasta they completely change a dish for the better. There are all kinds of recipes out there for noodles but I basically make mine by eye and only with a few ingredients. There is no reason to make them overly complicated. One of my favorite meals growing up was my grandma’s (mamaw’s) chicken and noodles. They were always perfect and I would eat myself sick on them. I even remember distinctly the last time she made them for me. It was several years before she passed away but in her later years her eye site made it very difficult to cook so she basically just left the cooking up to my dad. I will be making a post about how to make chicken and noodles and also beef and noodles but for this post, I am just going to focus on the noodles.


2 cups flour

2 eggs

1 tsp. salt

Coldwater (around 3-4 tbsp.)


In a large bowl add both of your eggs and beat with a fork. Add your salt to your flower then slowly add the flour into the eggs while stirring with a large spoon. Once you get most of your flour stirred in start kneading in the rest of it with your hands. It will get sticky so make sure you don’t have to scratch your nose before you start that! Mix your dough in the bowl until it begins to all clump together then dump it all out onto a flour-covered surface. I like to just use my counter because a cutting board moves around and that can get very frustrating to continually chase it around. Once your dough is on your surface begin kneading it all together until thoroughly mixed. I personally use an old style crank noodle maker. Basically, all that is, is part of the maker has rollers you can move wider and closer together. You then roll your dough out with those rollers then on the opposite side there are rollers that will cut your noodles. If you do not have one of these no big deal at all, a rolling pin and knife will work just as well. When you start rolling out your dough you will open it up to areas that will be very sticky again, just sprinkle flour over those areas fold it over and keep on rolling!! Once you get it to the thickness you desire start cutting the noodles apart.


If you are using a noodle maker like me I typically roll it out to the “4” setting then cut my dough into sections about two inches wide and then cut my noodles.

No matter how you are cutting them once they are cut lay them out on your counter or a large surface that they won’t have to be layered on top of each other. Sprinkle more flour on them and toss them around a little. I will typically let me noodles dry out slightly so they don’t stick when I add them into whatever I am cooking. You can also let them dry completely and store them. Frankly, I never let them get to that point I just end up cooking them all and then the worse case scenario is you end up with leftovers!

That’s really all you need! Every time I made them I don’t add the same amount of things, like I said this is a recipe you will have to trust your instincts, by that I mean if your dough is super sticky after you have started to kneed it add more flour, if its to dry, add another tablespoon of water. Don’t let other recipes stress you out, I have read some that you only add egg whites and about twelve other things or three eggs but only one yoke…noodles don’t need to be fussy to taste good, believe me!

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  1. mbyrum says:

    Wow, those sound delicious!


    1. They are good and so easy!! I finally just decided to not go off a recipe one day and made this one, so many others were really complicated!


      1. mbyrum says:

        I can’t believe that’s your recipe! Wow! Also, did you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award?


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