I use this flatbread recipe for a few different things like flatbread pizza and also with curries. I like it because it is very easy and only requires four ingredients!


2 cups flour

¾ cups milk

3 ½ tbsp butter

few pinches of salt

How I make it is I have a pyrex measuring cup that I put my milk in then I cut my butter up in a few pieces and add it to the milk. I then microwave it thirty seconds at a time until the butter is melted. In a bowl put your two cups of flour and about 3 pinches of salt. Once the butter is melted pour it into the flour and mix together. Knead the mixture together until it is completely mixed, you may need to add a little flour if it is to sticky. Once it is mixed pull it apart and start rolling it out as big as you need it. Heat up a pan on the stove, if I am making this to go with a curry I add some olive oil to the pan to cook it in if I am making it for flatbread pizza I just put it straight in the pan. Cook on either side of the bread until you start to get some bubbles to form and they brown. Also if I am making this for curry I melt some butter on the stove and add some pressed garlic and brown it then brush it onto the bread…very tasty!

That’s all there is to it!

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