Buffalo Chicken Tacos



This one is a rather tasty treat! It’s also pretty simple…


1 egg

2 cups water

2 large chicken breasts

black pepper

1 tbsp. onion powder

2 cups flour

oil for frying

your favorite buffalo sauce (I recommend Frank’s)



cheddar cheese

ranch dressing


Cut up as much bacon as you want and fry in a large frying pan (this is going to be the same pan you cook your chicken in). I tend to use…hang on to your hats folks…a WHOLE pound/package! Yeah, you heard me right! Keep in mind however the chicken breasts I use are huge, I’m talking Dolly Parton huge so it mixes in evenly. If you are using smaller breasts then you will want to use less unless you want bacon tacos…with a little bit of chicken.  once your bacon is cooked remove leaving as much grease in your pan as possible, then just add your cooking oil to that.

IMG_3795In a bowl mix your egg and water than cube up your chicken into bite-sized pieces. While I cut the chicken I put it into the egg wash. In a separate large bowl or baking dish put your flour about four large pinches of black pepper and about a tablespoon of onion powder. Next coat your chicken in the flour, coat about the same amount as you can put into your frying pan that way you don’t get to much chicken in your flour at one time.  if you would put all of your chicken in the flour at the same time it turns into a paste almost because of all of the egg wash, if you coat in small batches that will avoid that issue.  Make sure your oil is good and hot and then add your chicken to the pan one piece at a time making sure not to overcrowd the pan. Cook until golden and crunchy, cook each batch the same and add to a big bowl as it finishes. Once all of your chicken is cooked add to a bowl with your bacon and mix with your favorite buffalo sauce. On a side note be sure to cook your tortillas in a skillet on your stove, do not microwave them…they won’t be nearly as good I promise. Assemble your tacos with your chicken mix, lettuce, cheese, and ranch.



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