Fajita Quesadilla


This is a simple spin on the traditional fajitas. I had the ingredients in my refrigerator for a while to make fajitas but every night when it came to making dinner they just didn’t sound very exciting so I kept making other things instead. I realized one night however that my peppers were starting to get slightly wrinkled and I knew their end was near so it was time to make them. Since I still wasn’t craving fajitas I decided to make them into quesadillas.


Fajita seasoning (refer back to my fajita/taco seasoning post for a from scratch recipe or you can use store bought)

1 large chicken breast

½ can of black beans and liquid

2 bell peppers (whichever colors you prefer)


cheddar cheese

olive oil

½ cup water

First slice up your peppers into strips, while cutting start heating up your skillet. Once your skillet is nice and hot add about a tablespoon or two of olive oil and add your IMG_3916peppers in. cook your peppers until they begin to soften and get a sear. Slice up your chicken breast while your peppers are cooking, this way your skillet will stay hot. Once your peppers are done remove them and add your chicken to the skillet with another tablespoon or two of olive oil. coat your chicken in about half of your seasoning while it cooks. Once your chicken is done add you peppers back, your black beans, the rest of your seasoning and your water. Cook down until your mixture has thickened and the liquid has reduced.


IMG_3919Next heat a separate skillet to make your quesadillas. Put one tortilla down add as much cheese as desired, put on a few spoon fulls of your fajita mixture and add cheese to the top of that, then add your second tortilla to the top. You will want to be sure to have cheese on both sides so it will hold the whole thing together. You also don’t want to cook this on too high of a heat or your tortilla will burn before your cheese melts. Flip to cook the other side…carfully…if you flip to slowly you will make a mess.




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