Teriyaki Chicken Wings


This is actually my mom’s recipe but I have adopted it over the years. It was my favorite as a kid and I feel it is my duty to pass it on! This is a very easy recipe to make but a hard one to master, there aren’t exact measurements because you have to eyeball it.


Chicken wings (I get the large family pack)

Teriyaki sauce I strongly recommend Kikkoman

½ stick butter

4 cloves of garlic

disposable aluminum roasting pan

chicken-wings-cut-up-into-3-piecesFirst, you need to trim up your wings, I also trim off some of the extra skin but you don’t need to be too aggressive. One thing I have improved on from my mom’s recipe is I use a disposable roasting pan, I do this because clean up is soooo much easier. You are going to be cooking the wings for a while and cooking the sauce down a lot so it tends to burn on the sides and I have ruined more than one pan trying to get it clean so now I just throw it in the trash! Perfect! You want it to be good a sturdy and have sides that are at least a couple inches high. I also like to get a big enough pan that I can cook them all in one so just keep in mind how many you want to make.

Pre heat your oven to 425.

When you put your wings in the pan you want them to be crowded, if they are spaced to far apart you will need way more sauce and they wont get good and sticky. I also put the side of the wings that have the thicket skin face down. You will be turning your wings halfway through and I like that part to cook facing up last so it gets a little crispy and caramelized.

In a small saucepan melt your butter and use a garlic press to crush your garlic and add into the butter. Once your butter is melted pour over your wings evenly. Now comes the hard part, you want to put enough teriyaki sauce on your wings to have them halfway covered in liquid. The amount is going to completely depend on the dimensions of your pan and how many wings you have. Once your oven is preheated put in your wings, they are going to cook for at least an hour so be prepared for a hot house! If you have a convection cooking setting on your oven I recommend using it for the first half of the cooking process just because it will speed it up, if you don’t have that setting no problem!

IMG_4043In about a half hour to 40 minutes take a look, if the top of your wings are starting to get browned then they are ready to turn.

Turn them all over with tongs then put them back in the oven, this second half of cooking you will want to keep a closer eye on them and also if you are cooking on convection turn that off and go back to conventional cooking, you don’t want them to cook too quickly otherwise you aren’t going to get the caramelization. When the wings start to turn a dark brown from the sauce this is what my family calls “critical mass,” you will want to check them about every 3-5 minutes at this point because it is easy to go from perfect to burnt. They are done when they have a little crunch to them and the sauce cooks down and becomes sticky.

Finished! this is the look you want to have

Get your water ready because you may need about a gallon these puppies are salty!! but sooooo good!!


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