Quick Tortilla Pizza


So in my house lunch is that hardest meal to come up with. I always have oatmeal, fruit, and yogurt on hand and I typically have a plan in place for dinner. Lunch, on the other hand, is the forgotten meal. I pretty much just grab whatever and try to pass it off as a “meal.” The other day my little one wanted pizza and she was in her words “starving” so making a frozen pizza would obviously end in starvation if she had to wait that long, so I came up with a plan. One thing I always have on hand is small tortillas and on one store visit I had gotten pepperoni and bottled pizza sauce and I just happened to have mozzarella too.

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees (if you have a convection setting use that, it helps make it much crunchy).

Next spread your sauce on the tortilla and add your toppings, in my house cheese and pepperoni is pretty much a staple so that is what is she requested. Once your oven is preheated put your tortilla on a cooking sheet and cook until the edges start to turn brown and the tortilla becomes slightly stiff. If you try and take it out and its still floppy the toppings will fall off into your oven then there will be a wicked amount of smoke pour out into your kitchen….so let’s try and avoid that.

Cut and serve!


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