Whipped Coffee

So this recipe has been taking the internet by storm recently, but this is far from a new recipe. It is actually called “Dalgona coffee” or it is a close relative of “Beaten coffee” that is from India and has been around for a long time. So even though this coffee has been coined as the “quarantine coffee” it was created before this whole crazy lockdown situation.

This is incredibly easy, so easy I was shocked. I am not that great with an electric hand mixer, I normally choose to do things by hand mixing but the video I watched that they whipped it by hand took about 20 minutes to get it to the desired thickness, that is a crazy work out! I figured I would attempt with the electric hand mixture and if I didn’t like how it was going I would switch to the good ole fashion whisk. I was pleasantly surprised, however! It worked with the electric mixer and it was fast! When I made mine I only have dark roast instant coffee on hand, I use it for my coffee mocha fudge…which I will put that recipe up some time, it is amazing if I do say so myself…I think I will try it with a lighter roast sometime just because it was super strong but we aren’t afraid of caffeine here in the Perez house!


2 tbsp instant coffee (and before you wonder, yes it has to be instant coffee)

2 tbsp white sugar

2 tbsp water

Put all of these ingredients in a bowl, it looks like hardly anything but you are going to be whipping a lot of air in it so it will grow quite a bit. Take whatever kind of whisking instrument you are comfortable with and start whipping! Before your eyes it will change color from a very dark brown to a light caramel. Once you get soft peaks you are done!! That is all there is to it!



Serve on top of milk and stir in, it is so so good and will get you good and wired!


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