Sweet and Spicy Grilled Wings


This is a pretty easy recipe, there are a few specific spices I use and marinade. I do really like the brands I use but if you find something similar it will work just as well. There is a tropical seasoning that I use that may be hard to find so if you can’t no worries, just go without. If you have a charcoal grill you are going to use I strongly suggest as always to use wood, if you have propane no biggie, they will still turn out tasty.


Chicken wings ( I normally get the big family pack)

Lawry’s Hawaiin marinade

Black pepper (another seasoning I use has this in it already but I like a little extra)

McCormick all-purpose seasoning (this has black pepper, salt, oregano, parsley, thyme, onion, and garlic)

Badia brand Jamaican style Jerk Seasoning (I really like this brand but and Jamaican style will work)

Badia brand Sazon tropical (this is the one you may have more problems finding and if so just go without it)

1 lime

First cut and trim your chicken, separating the flats from the drumstick. I also trim off a little bit of the skin if there is a bunch, I just prefer it that way but that is my preference. Rub a good amount of all of your dry seasoning all over your wings and put them in a baggy for at least an hour before they hit the grill.


Once the coals/wood have burnt down a little its time to add your chicken, you don’t want to cook it over high heat, low and slow is the way to go, this is going to cook out the fat and make them the juiciest and flavorful. Turn your wings frequently so they don’t burn and rearrange them so they all cook the same amount. If you don’t move them off of hot spots you are in danger of burning some and letting others not cook enough. Once you start to see a good crisp pour your marinade in a bowl and add the juice of your lime and shake in some of your jerk seasoning.  I use about 2 cups of the marinade, an entire lime, and then a tablespoon of the jerk seasoning, stir together.

Now you are going to start brushing a bunch of the sauce on both sides of your wings, turning regularly, you want to get a good sticky caramelized coating. With the initial cooking and during this process you are going to want to shut the lid occasionally since you aren’t always over the heat you want to build up the heat in your grill.

After a few minutes, your wings will be tasty and done! Remove from the grill and….



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