Kitchen Thoughts Vol. 1

Is there really anything worse than finding a fork, spoon, bowl, whatever in the bottom of your sink with dried egg!?  There are a few things I think all of us hate to wash, one of my other nemesis is dried peanut butter knives.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love peanut butter but there is just something about a crusty knife that has been in your sink collecting who knows what.  Not fun…. I realize this makes me sound like a slob leaving dishes in my sink but egg drying and peanut butter…drying….can happen so fast! It’s kind of remarkable really before the pan is cooled from your egg cooking that bowl seems to already be drying!

Oh, another fun kitchen cleaning experience I encountered today was I marinated some Cuban steaks (stand by that recipe will be coming soon) and I use large ziplock bags for this (thanks for that tip dad!).  Wellll apparently I didn’t get the bag all the way sealed before placing it in the refrigerator…It leaked and now when I open the door it smells of garlic, lemon, seasoning, and vinegar.  As amazing as that smell is not so cool when even your milk smells like it….

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  1. Hello. no, you don’t sound like a slob, otherwise I am one too. I have often had peanut butter knives or spoons in the sink. Hummus is another grrr too. I usually put my marinating meat in tupperware containers. I have learned not to use the little baggie bags. I like your posts, look forward to reading more. Oh to get the smell out of your fridge, try using baking soda.

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    1. I will be trying baking soda!

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