A few of my favorite things (Spices Edition)

These are a few things I use really often and pretty much always have on hand. Some of these are brand specific, some aren’t….Just for a disclaimer I am not being paid by any of these companies….I just really like their stuff!

IMG_3561 #1

Lawry’s Garlic Salt: This is by far my favorite garlic salt, it has big grains and also has parsley in it, which adds to the flavor. Some garlic salt is so finely grained that it is extremely easy to over salt and it just doesn’t add that much zip to your dish. Lawry’s has the right idea here! It is easy just to add a small amount and really turn a dish around, a little goes a long way.



Sesame oil: I will tell you right away it can be expensive I spend around $10 for a 5oz bottle. You will run across some other oil that is made from sesame seeds but you want to be sure to get the concentrated. The best way to tell that is it will be a dark brown. You can add this to stir fry, sauces, or I make a sesame chicken pasta salad that I use this and it adds an incredible amount of flavor and you only need a teaspoon or a little more.


IMG_3563  #3

Stir fry oil/wok oil: depending on who makes it you will see this oil named both ways. I add this to pretty much every Asian inspired dish I make. It has garlic, onion and in most cases ginger infused in the oil so it in itself is flavorful and it smells excellent when cooking. You can also cook this on high heat so it works really well for stir fry. I will add some to a heated skillet then add my veggies or meat and then I add it to my sauces too. A few drops works wonders.


IMG_3564 #4

Cumin: I know some people have mixed feelings about this spice because it can be overpowering. It is so versatile, its in everything from Indian to Mexican dishes.  I love it and use it in many dishes like chilis, tacos, and sauces. I’m not picky when it comes to brands that may be because I haven’t run across any I don’t like.


IMG_3565 #5

Lawry’s Seasoned Salt: This like the garlic salt is very important to get Lawry’s brand. You will find other seasoned salts but none are as good. I add this into a lot of my meats and sauces and it is really great on popcorn!! Between this and Lawry’s garlic salt I rarely use regular salt, typically it will be one of the two.


img_3566.jpg #6

Chicken and Beef soup bases: this is something I use in a ton of things that probably sounds really weird to you guys. Any time something needs jazzed up a little with flavor, I’ll add it. I of course use it in soups maybe just adding a tablespoon makes a huge difference. If I am cooking something with chicken or beef broth in it I will add about a teaspoon, if you add too much it gets really salty. I use it in my shepherds pie, and lemon chicken, just to name a few.


IMG_3567 #7

Course pepper/butchers pepper: This is a MUST when cooking steak, I rub I this and course ground salt into my steaks before cooking. I promise it will make a huge difference. It will be all the seasoning you really need, pat your steak dry then add a generous amount.


IMG_3568 #8

Badia Complete Seasoning: Last but certainly not least! This is my favorite spice hands down, I add it to everything even popcorn! I use to be able to get it at my Meijer but they aren’t carrying it anymore unfortunately so now I buy it in bulk from amazon and I guarantee I will go through it before it goes bad! You will see this in many of my recipes it is well worth hunting down I promise


Well this is the first addition of “a few of my favorite things” I will be adding more later with some tips and tricks!


Enjoy, and always remember TASTE WHILE YOU MAKE!

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