Kitchen Thoughts Vol. 2

Is it me or does anyone else feel that after a trip to the grocery store…where you pushed around a heavy cart…then loaded the car…then unloaded the car….in the least amount trips possible obviously….with broken hands from carrying at least 10 bags…in each hand/arm…that you have then earned the right to the calories you are about to partake in?? because of course you went to the store starving and filled your cart with chips…..and half of the bakery section….

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  1. Mandy David says:

    not only do I feel the need to indulge in calories….but I don’t want to cook!! So after all that time at the store and putting it away..we go out. lol


  2. Absolutely. In fact, my Fitbit gives me credit for a cardio workout every time I go to the grocery store, so long as I put the thing in my pocket rather than wear it on my wrist. On my wrist it seems to think I’m actually riding in the buggy and counts nothing. In my pocket, it counts leg movements.


    1. That’s awesome! That makes me feel much better 😂


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