Buffalo Chicken Flatbread Pizza

So here is another recipe for you buffalo chicken fans out there! My husband’s favorite pizza from an unnamed pizza chain….is the buffalo chicken pizza. It gets expensive to order whenever the craving strikes and there was always something he would want more or less of so we decided to try it ourselves. Funny thing is there is a great tradition of pizza making in my family. Every Friday night from when I was a young kid we would make pizza from scratch, my dad would make the dough and cut all of the fresh toppings then we would each make our own. It quickly expanded to include our friends and extended family and would be quite the event. So naturally, I was all about continuing the tradition! My husband and I have very busy lives and this was a perfect way to spend time with each other no matter what we had going on, it is also something to look forward to every week. I am going to list the ingredients but the amounts won’t be precise just because you put on as much as you want!


Chicken breast

Black pepper

Onion powder

Garlic salt


Pepper rings (banana pepper)

Mozzarella cheese

Buffalo chicken sauce (I recommend Franks)

Ranch dressing (for dipping)

Flatbread for the crust (refer back to my flatbread recipe)

First slice up your bacon, I normally use about 4 slices, cook it until it is crisp and then set aside. Next, chop up your chicken and cook it with a small amount of olive oil or butter and sprinkle your black pepper, onion powder, and garlic salt on. Once your chicken is cooked add a few tablespoons of buffalo sauce and mix. While my meat is cooking I mix up my flatbread dough and roll it out. For the recipe I posted, I make two pizza out of it because it makes quite a bit, if you are only wanting to make one then cut the ingredients in half.

Preheat your oven to 425

Warm up a large skillet and lay your flatbread in, cook both sides until some bubble rise and turn a dark brown (I have pictures on my flatbread recipe to show you what I am talking about). Remove it once its finished cooking and put it on a baking sheet.  Now it is time to put it all together!

Spread your buffalo sauce on your flatbread then put a few handfuls of cheese on top of that, my husband likes a lot of cheese so I pile it on pretty thick. Next add the rest of your toppings, chicken, bacon, peppers. I have added some roasted garlic and red onions before, my husband isn’t an onion fan so you won’t see those in the picture. There is no wrong topping add whatever sounds good! Cook until the cheese turns slightly golden.




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