Chicken and Green Pepper


As you all well know I like to make things from scratch because I love cooking and I love to improve on things. Every so often however I run across something premade that is good and makes my life easier. This is an example of one of those times. I am a big fan of Lawery’s products and their marinades are a good example. They make a “Herb & Garlic” marinade that is great with chicken. This is one of the recipes I use it for.


Chicken breast

1 green bell pepper

Lawery’s Herb & Garlic Marinade

coarse black pepper

Olive oil

IMG_4884Slice your chicken breast in about 4 pieces sprinkle with black pepper and place in a zip lock bag, pour enough marinade to cover completely, let sit for at least an hour. Next slice up your green pepper into thin strips, heat a skillet and pour about two tablespoons of olive oil in it and add your peppers, cook until tender. Remove your peppers and add your chicken, when it is almost cooked all the way through add your peppers back and I pour a little more marinade over so I have some extra to put over rice. I serve with white rice because that is my family’s favorite but it would be just as good over brown rice or what I recommend is a wild rice blend.


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