Garlic Green Beans


It’s hard to come up with sides sometimes, when I was a kid when my parents asked me what veggie I wanted I always said peas, I liked them so much one of my nicknames my dad gave me was “pea girl.” So as an adult I try and mix it up a little. This is a super fast and easy way to make a veggie.


Fresh French Green beans

2 cloves of garlic

2 tbsp olive oil


onion powder

garlic powder

coarse salt

Heat up a skillet, once it is hot add your oil, then next add your beans. There is a good amount of water in green beans so be careful because it will splatter a little.   You won’t want to walk away from them, be sure to stir frequently. Once your beans start to soften and get a little bit of a sear they are getting close to being done at this point add your garlic and a few pinches of each seasoning. I recommend crushing your garlic with the blade of your knife then chopping it smaller. You can use a garlic press but with that hot skillet, it will burn really easily. If you haven’t crushed garlic before, get a wide knife and lay it on top of your garlic then strike the knife with the palm of your hand (be careful!!!!!). once you add your garlic stir continuously after about a minute or two turn off your head and keep stirring until your garlic is cooked all the way through, I like my garlic to get a little crispy.



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