Kitchen Thoughts Vol. 4


There are many days I just don’t want to cook, you may ask yourself why? Since after all, I do enjoy it so much. I think with everything sometimes we just don’t have the energy, in my case I don’t want the mess…or in some cases I don’t want to clean the mess in my kitchen to make room to cook to then again make another huge mess. I wish I had the discipline to clean my kitchen every night after I cook. I, however, am a mom and a human so, therefore, I don’t always do that.

Don’t feel guilty about that! Life happens and by the time we get done with the store and the day’s journeys it ends up being later then what we thought or we are more tired then what we would like to be. That is why I think it is so important to have some tricks and recipes up your sleeve that are easy and fast. I hope that a few of my recipes have helped with that struggle. I have some go too’s on days like that, for instance, lemon chicken, stir fry, or one of my newest recipes, taco pasta. All of these can be made in one pan and will have minimal cleanup.

I also find that the easiest meals tend to be cooked with pork or beef, they aren’t as messy in my option to trim up and get ready. I have washed my soap bottle on my sink after I have handled chicken, it is just messy and seems to get everywhere! And you know the whole salmonella thing doesn’t help either.

A really great meat to have on hand is smoked sausage, that is because it is already cooked so you don’t have nearly the clean up to sanitize and all of that mess, I just chop up some veggies and sausage throw it in a skillet with a few spices like pepper, onion powder, garlic salt and serve with rice (you can drizzle lime or lemon juice or some hot sauce) or even by its self! Super fast and easy.

I will continue to add more elaborate and simple recipes so be sure to keep an eye out and spread the word! Let’s help rid the world of sad little green beans!

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