Quaran-Dogs…..aka Quarantine Hot Dogs…aka Tortilla Dogs



Soooo once again I am writing to you from quarantine. In this time I am sure we are all going to need to get creative on some meals, I will put some on here that I have came up with to hopefully help if you are struggling. This is such a basic unexotic meal that turned out really good.


Tortilla (fajita sized)

Hot dogs (I prefer nathans all the way!)

Shredded cheddar cheese

Melted nacho cheese

Chili sauce (not pictured here because I don’t have any sadly)

Cook your hot dogs in a skillet, this is a much better way then the microwave, they get a little crip and don’t turn into rubbery masses. After your dogs are cooked lay out a tortilla and spread some of your shredded cheddar and roll up your dog!

Use a nonstick pan for the next part

Heat your pan on medium heat, add your hot dogs, I use a small cast-iron skillet to press the top, this helps everything get sealed in. turn and cook the other side.

Now you can either pour your cheese sauce over or dip if I had chili sauce I would mix and dip!

Not fancy by any means but super tasty and fast to make

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  1. Rachel says:

    I totally use my cast-iron skillet to press ALL the time!! Gonna try these with tofurkey “dogs” and cashew “cheese” for my 3 yr old “dogged-corn” lover!


    1. Awesome!!! I hope they will love them! They are a hit for my kids and since they are so easy they are a hit for me too!


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