Cajun Grill Packets

It’s grilling season! It is finally warm outside and if you follow my posts at all you know how much I love to grill, I wanted to make something totally new and I had the idea of a Cajun style recipe. This is a pretty simple recipe and it can be changed and adapted depending on your taste and what you have.  I didn’t put smoke sausage in this one but next time I think I will. This is what I used for my recipe:


4 ears of corn

8-10 yellow potatoes

1 package of frozen shrimp with shell on

2 lemons

1 stick of butter

Olive oil

Your favorite cajun seasoning (I use a few different kinds and always ad some “slap ya mama”)

This is optional – Badia brand Jamaican jerk seasoning (there is a good chance you don’t have this and may not be able to find it so don’t worry if you can, it just adds a really nice sweet heat)

Old Bay seasoning

5 cloves of garlic

Chalula hot sauce (if you can get your hands on it I highly recommend the chili garlic flavor)

Heavy duty aluminum foil

The prep for this one is super easy.  First get a large bowl, big enough to hold all of your ingredients at once.  Cut your corn into 4 pieces, be careful when you do this because it is harder than you think to cut through, some times it is just easier to break with your hands.  Cut your potatoes into pretty small pieces and leave the skin on, if they are in big chunks it will take a lot longer to cook…no one like crunchy potatoes.  Cut your lemon into 4 pieces, squeeze some of the juice out onto your ingredients and throw them in the mix along with the shrimp.  Crush your garlic and sprinkle on olive oil to coat all of it.  Next add your seasoning, I use a lot I want everything coated and I add equal parts of all of the seasonings.  Then sprinkle some hot sauce on, you aren’t wanting a ton, the vinegar works with the lemon to bring out the flavors of everything.

Lay out a couple layers of the aluminum foil on your counter top, this is the base of your packet, when you get everything down cut your butter up into chunks and place them all over your food mound.  Next cover the top with a few more sheets of aluminum foil and roll up the sides so it is all contained in a nice little aluminum ravioli. 

When your grill is ready pop on the packet and shut the lid, I normally cook something else the same time so I move it around a little, you will want to flip it over once and then check after about 30 minutes to see how soft your potatoes are getting.  I will say I cook mine for over an hour at least because I cook it low and slow with wood, so depending on how much you are making (you can make way more or way less by just adding the amount you want).  You want your potatoes soft but not mush, when they are done everything else is for sure done.

Remove and serve in something that can hold all of the delicious juices, serve with lemon and some hot sauce if you want.



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