Chicken Parm Pockets


Ok so stick with me here…I know this is going to sound really weird but these are really good. I am blessed to have a mother that can make the worlds best spaghetti sauce. I watched her make it this year…yeah, I say watched because her “recipe” is a full page of notes that have been scratched off, added to, horizontal and vertical writing as far as the eye can see. Also in her “recipe”, it’s a hand full of this and hand full of that, so if you haven’t figured it out she is part of the reason I have problems making recipes. Neither of us measure anything, we go by sight, smell, and taste, it is after all the best way to cook! That being said my husband could drink this sauce like juice, he is in love with it and could eat it every day so one of his all-time favorite meals is chicken parmesan with that sauce of course. When I started making stuffed tortilla pockets (refer back to earlier post if you have no clue what I’m talking about) I wanted to come up with all kinds of stuffing for them. So this is another variation.



Your favorite sauce

1 chicken breast

1 cup of breadcrumbs

1 cup of flour

1 egg

½ tbsp. Italian seasoning

½ tsp. onion powder

½ tsp. garlic powder

½ cup water



garlic salt

oil for frying

Start off by boiling your pasta, I do about a hand full, or a little over a half of a box, be careful not to overcook your pasta that is the number one mistake in spaghetti making in my opinion. In another pot warm your sauce.

IMG_4269Dice up your chicken into small bite-sized pieces. In one bowl put your breadcrumbs and ½ a tbsp. of Italian seasoning. In another bowl put your flour, garlic and onion powder. In one last bowl put your egg with your water and beat the mixture.


Start heating your oil, you want it nice and hot. Add your chicken chunks to the flour to get a light dusting on them then to the egg wash then into the breadcrumbs and set aside. Do this with all of your pieces, do not stack them because the breading will stick and fall off. Once your oil is hot add your chicken, do not overcrowd your pan, once the chicken is golden it is done, remove and set aside.

When all of your chicken is cooked in a big bowl add your pasta and chicken, then slowly pour sauce over and carefully stir, if you stir too much your chicken breading will fall off. You want enough sauce to cover the pasta and chicken, if you have too much excess then it will drain out of your pockets.

Fold your tortillas

IMG_4271Then add a spoon full of pasta and chicken and as much mozzarella you can fit. Close up your pockets then add to your oil. You may have to use a separate pan with new oil instead of using your chicken oil because the breadcrumbs can fall off and make a big mess. Cook your pockets until they are golden then while they are still hot and have some oil on them sprinkle parmesan and garlic salt on the top of them.  You will notice in my picture this step is not shown….I had the great idea to add the parmesan and garlic salt after the fact sooo yeah, it’s not in the picture. Serve with a cup of sauce for dipping!




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