Beef and Noodles


Since I buy a half a cow every year I always have a freezer full of beef. Until I started doing that I hardly ever cooked with beef because it’s so much more expensive than chicken and pork. Nowadays its nothing for me to make porterhouse steaks just because I don’t have a whole lot else to make and I have them in my freezer! That said if you have space and chance to do the same I highly recommend it, it’s so so so much cheaper and it is nice to say you know how your beef was raised and where it came from! So when I was thrust into the new world of beef I had to come up with recipes I could use it.  During the fall and winter months, beef and noodles is a go to. I get several packages of “stew meat” basically all it is, is tough cuts of meat that are cubed. Since I had so many packages of these this is what I typically use for my meat, chuck roast or arm roast work really well too. I also make my own noodles but if you just want to use store bought that will work fine too.


Noodles –

Refer back to my “homemade noodle” post for ingredients and instructions if you want to make your own

Beef- Chuck roast, stew meat, arm roast, any beef cut that has some fat on it and will become tender when cooked slowly

1 can beef stock

1 tbsp beef soup base

1-2 cups of water depending on how much meat you use, you want it to be covered if you are using meat cut from the bone.  if you are using a roast still on the bone that adds a lot of mass so you only need it about halfway covered.

black pepper

½ tsp. onion powder

½ tsp. garlic powder

1 tbsp cornstarch

Now it gets difficult….get out your crock pot, I normally cook on low for 4-6 hours, there are times I will cook on high if I don’t get it in soon enough. Add your meat to your crock pot and add your liquids, soup base, and seasoning….then walk away and let it cook! Told you it was going to be difficult.

You will need to cook your meat until it gets tender enough to shred with a couple of forks. I then will shred mine and add it back to the crockpot for about a half hour longer. next, I pour beef and liquid into a pot and get it to a boil on your stove. Next, add your noodles and cook until they are done. The last step is to mix your cornstarch with enough water (cold water!) to dissolve it all of the way then pour it into your pot and let boil until your liquid thickens a little. That’s it!



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