Philly Cheese Steak


One night I wanted to make steaks but I wanted to make something a little different.  My favorite thing to cook is something new, there are recipes I don’t mind making over and over but I find it way more fun to make something I haven’t before.  So I went to my refrigerator and realized I had provolone cheese and green pepper so the Philly Cheese Steak was born!!


Steak of your choice

1 Green pepper

1 small onion (which you will notice is missing from my pictures…my husband isn’t an onion fan sadly)

provolone cheese

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

Onion powder

Black pepper

Garlic powder

Olive oil

Coarse black pepper and salt

First, cook your steak. Pat it dry with a paper towel and sprinkle your course black pepper and salt then rub it into the meat. Heat up a skillet very hot and add a tablespoon or two of oil, once the oil begins to smoke place your steak carefully to the skillet. Set it aside once it is cooked.

Slice up your green pepper and onion and in a small skillet add some olive oil, cook until they are tendered and begin to brown. Once they are cooked turn off the heat and let the skillet cool slightly then add your soy sauce, Worcestershire, and sprinkle a little onion powder, black pepper, and garlic powder, taste it to see if you need to add anything more…disclaimer, it is hot do not burn yourself!

Turn the broiler on

I put my steak back in the skillet I made it in because it is oven safe if the one you used is not put it in some kind of oven save dish then put your veggies and the sauce on top of your steak and a few slices of provolone cheese. Place it under the broiler in your oven and cook until the cheese melts.



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