Pepper Beef Stir Fry


Recently I got a wok and now it is one of my new favorite things!! I have always wanted one and always kept an eye out for one.  When the shut down happened me and my family stuck pretty close to home so I decided to just go ahead an order one.  The day I got it I had to use it!! This is what I made….


Lean cut of beef I used top sirloin

Green pepper

¼ cup soy sauce

1 tbsp black pepper

corn starch (you are going to be lightly coating the meat so just use a little at a time)

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

3 tbsp water

1 tsp white pepper

1 tsp ginger

3 cloves of garlic

a few tbsp. of vegetable oil for cooking

2 tbsp dark soy sauce (if you don’t have it you can just leave it out)

First, slice up your green pepper, I cook this while I am getting the beef ready to cook.  I used my wok but and large frying pan or iron skillet will work great.  Heat up what ever pan you are using and add a little bit of oil, about a tablespoon or two, then add your green peppers, you are wanting to cook them until you get a little char, stir occasionally.


Slice you beef into thin strips and add to a bowl, once all of your beef is cut sprinkle on all of the dry ingredients and stir so all the pieces get covered.  Next, sprinkle on corn starch a few pinches at a time, keep adding and stirring until everything is coated.  By this time your green peppers are going to be done or close to it, at this point add your garlic, crush the cloves with your knife then dice them up, once that is cooked remove from the pan and set aside.


Add some more oil, a little more then what you used for the peppers.  If you have a big pan you can add all of you meat, you want it to be able to spread out on the bottom of the pan, if it is piled in it wont get crispy so you may have to cook it in batches.  Once you get some crispy bits (as we say in my house) add back in your peppers and then add in your wet ingredients stirring constantly.  This is when you need to start tasting!  This dish can get salty so if you think your need more sauce try adding a little water instead of soy sauce, I have made the mistake of making it wayyyy to salty, still good but probably not the most healthy thing to eat! My other advice is if you want a stronger pepper taste white pepper is a good thing to add but a little goes a long way.  What ever you ad just do a little at a time and you will be safe! Once you are happy with the taste its all done! Serve with rice.






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