Crispy Spicy Chicken Thighs


This recipe is a little bit of a blend because I use Cajun, and Mexican spices so I don’t even really have a good name for it. For this recipe, I used a couple of store-bought mixed seasonings which I will show you what I used but you can of course substitute if you have something you like to use or want a different flavor going on. Also, you will notice in this recipe I use chicken thighs…you must use thighs! If not it will not be very crunchy and it will most definitely be dry. Embrace the thighs people!! If you aren’t used to buying them you are going to be blown away by how inexpensive they are, they cook so much better then chicken breast and you can get them a fraction of the price. The only downfall is trimming them off of the bone but that is a small price to pay.


4-6 chicken thighs

black pepper


Lawry’s Cane Asada (yeah yeah I know its meant for beef but they were out of the pollo Asada and this tastes really good on chicken too)

Cajun seasoning

Ground cayenne pepper (for extra heat)

Olive oil (enough to cover the bottom of your skillet)

The first task is to cut the skin off and the meat off of the bone. The sharper the knife the easier it will be, I kinda roll the chicken and cut as close to the bone as I can get. It takes a little practice just don’t cut your finger!!

IMG-6343Once all of your meat is cut lay it out and sprinkle generously your seasonings, I use the most of the Cajun seasoning and the Lawry’s. flip the chicken over and do the same on the other side. I know you are going to be totally shocked but I use a large iron skillet to cook this meal. Whatever you decide to use make sure it is really hot and add your oil then carefully add your chicken. Don’t overcrowd or you won’t get the good crispy bits. I probably should have put one less piece in my pan in that picture but it worked! Let it cook on one side for a few minutes then when you get a good dark crisp flip and cook on the other side. Remove the chicken from your skillet and chop up and serve!!


At this point, I do give it a taste and some times add some lime or more salt and stir it up before serving.



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