Leftover Holiday Turkey and Noodles


Now that the holidays are upon us we are all going to end up with leftovers, and if you are like me you hate to waste food! One thing you can do even if you have just a small amount of your turkey left is turkey and noodles!! You need to have some bones left over for your broth so don’t go throwing them out quite yet!


Leftover turkey (white or dark meat and some left on the bone)


Chicken broth (1-2 cans depending on how much you want to make)

A few pieces of celery (I had some leftover in a relish tray so I put in about 4 pieces)

Salt and pepper to taste

Chicken soup starter (if you don’t have this no biggie, if you don’t know what it is refer back to my post about “some of my favorite things” it is basically just bullion so that will work too)

Noodles (hand made or store-bought if you want to make your own refer back to my post about homemade egg noodles)

In a large pot throw in any turkey that you are wanting and be sure to add some bones, I threw in a leg and a few wings, we got a really large turkey so I couldn’t fit the whole carcass in but if you can do it. Put in a couple of cans of chicken stock and water just to cover the bones, if you have that chicken soup starter add a spoonful (don’t add too much because it is salty if you need to add more later that is no biggie). Let your stock simmer for about an hour, be sure to carefully taste it as it cooks, one the fat starts to rise that is when the best flavors will come out. Once that has simmered get a large strainer and pour your stock through it. I just pour mine into another large pot and then put that one back on the stove. Since you are boiling with the bones you are going to get a bunch of little pieces off of the turkey you won’t want in the final product.  That is why you do not what to skip the strainer step, otherwise, you will be sifting through that broth for quite some time. Return your stock to the stove and bring it up to a boil and add your noodles, while they are cooking start shredding up your turkey, and add it back into the pot when the noodles are cooked through. This is when you are going to want to add your pepper and whatever else you want like more salt or onion and garlic powder is good too if you need a little more flavor.

That’s all there is to it! Cheap and easy and really great for those cold winter days!



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