Chicken Street Tacos

We love tacos in our house, it’s even one of our kid’s favorite dinners too so I make quite a few different kinds to mix it up from time to time. This recipe is a little more authentic than others because the only toppings we use are cilantro, onions, and lime.


Around 6 chicken thighs (either use boneless skinless or take the bone and skin off)


Onion powder

Garlic salt

Badia complete seasoning

Black pepper

Cayenne powder

Chili powder

Olive oil

First, trim up your chicken, I trim off the skin and on the underside even if you get skinless boneless there will still be bit and pieces that will be a little chewy or fatty when you cook the meat. Once you get the chicken all trimmed get some paper towel and pat down the pieces to get off the extra liquid, this will help the seasoning stay on a little better.

This next step isn’t going to be exact…you just need to liberally sprinkle on the seasoning, but keep in mind you are going to want to use just a little of the cayenne, and I go light on the chili powder as well, it just gets a little overpowering otherwise.

Get out a skillet, I highly recommend a large cast iron, the one I use for this is a 12 inch. Heat it up until it is almost smoking and cover the bottom of your skillet with olive oil, then add your chicken. You are going to cook these until they are crispy since you are using thighs you don’t have to worry about them drying out like chicken breast normally does.

Let one side cook almost completely, you can take a peek by lifting it slightly and seeing if it is getting a good brown color and if it isn’t sticking when it gets to that point flip it and cook the other side. If you need to flip it back over no biggie, you just want to be careful not to peel off the seasoning. If your oil starts to get low add a little more, if you run out of oil your pan can start burning and you will get a whole lot of smoke in your kitchen, and no one likes fire alarms going off….especailly the dogs.

Once they are cooked remove them from the skillet and let them cool a little before cutting up. Cook your tortillas (on the stove, not the microwave!!) and dice up your cilantro and onions while it’s cooling. Chop up your chicken, add to tortilla with a sprinkle of cilantro, onion and squeeze some lime, super easy really really good dinner.

If you want some sauce advice I highly recommend Cholula Chili Garlic (I am not being paid by them I just love it that much…if they would want to send me a couple of free bottles though I wouldn’t mind).


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