Beef Pot Pie


It was a cold and snowy day and I wanted to make something to warm up the family. I took a look what I had and turned out I had the things I needed to make beef pot pie! This recipe isn’t difficult it just takes some time, so if you have a slow Saturday that you want to fill your house with good smells then look no further!


Chuck roast with bone

1 can of beef stock

water (enough to almost cover your meat once you have it in your cooking container)

a couple stalks of celery

a few hand fulls of carrots

3-4 potatoes

1 can of cut green beans (or fresh, I just happened to have canned on hand)

¼ cup chopped onions

3 cloves of garlic minced

¼ cup flour

¼ cup white cooking wine

3 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

black pepper

onion powder

garlic powder

celery salt



butter (or Ghee, I highly recommend adding Ghee to you pantry)

1 can of biscuits (I use grand)

First, pick your cooking apparatus, I used my big dutch oven, whatever the size you use is totally fine that will just determine how much of your spices and liquid you will use. This for sure is a meal you must taste as you make.

First, if you are using a dutch oven put it overheat on your stove chop up your onion and celery and with a spoon full of butter add to your pan and sautee until tender, then add your garlic. Garlic burns super easy so if you add it too early you are going to end up with burnt little garlic bits. When I am sautéing or searing steak I love using Ghee, which is clarified butter. It isn’t cheap that is for sure but totally worth it. Ghee has a higher smoke point so it doesn’t burn or brown as quickly and it also has a more intense flavor…all good things.

At this point, you may notice in my pictures that I used red onion…well that is mainly because I was out of white, but I made it work just like you can! Don’t let not having an ingredient or two hold you back, there are other things that you can replace with a lot of the times.

I didn’t thaw out my chuck roast mainly because I didn’t know early enough that I wanted to use it so I added it to my dutch oven frozen solid. That is totally fine, the extra liquid it is holding will just add to your broth. Sprinkle in a little of all of your spices, just a few pinches of each, you will be adding more later on when you get a chance to taste it. Add your white wine. Much of your flavor is going to come from your beef and the bones so you won’t get the true flavor for a couple of hours.

Cover your dutch oven ( I am just going to say dutch oven since that is what I used and it does work out really well) and cook low and slow on 350 in your oven. Since mine was frozen I cooked mine for a couple of hours before cutting it off of the bone and trimming some of the fat off.

After about an hour, your beef won’t be all the way cooked but cut up your potatoes, and carrots and add to the pot, then add your green beans, if you need some more liquid don’t drain off the beans just add the whole can juices and all. Put the lid back on and put that heavy baby back in the oven!

Check on the progress about an hour after you add your veggies, by this time your meat is cooked and you can remove it from the pot, let it cool a little before you trim it. Once all trimmed add it to the pot with everything else, if your potatoes are starting to get tender (test that by stabbing it with something, if they as hard as rocks, they still got a while). If they are getting tender take a small bowl and add your flour and just enough water to dissolve it all. Pour it into the pot and stir together, cook for about a half-hour this will make your broth thicken. At this point start your tasting!! You are probably going to want to add a little bit more of everything and this is also when you will add the Worcestershire.

Cook for about ten more minutes and taste again, if it tastes good pop our your biscuits and make a layer on top, I tore my biscuits in half so they aren’t too doughy in the middle, put back into the oven and cook until your biscuits are golden and then finally it is all done!!!




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